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  Rob Messenger Joins UAP to Contest Hinkler

Rob Messenger Joins UAP to Contest Hinkler

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Rob Messenger Joins UAP to Contest Hinkler

Former State Member for Burnett Rob Messenger has joined the newly-launched United Australia Party (UAP) and will stand as a candidate for the Queensland seat of Hinkler at the September 14 federal election.

Mr Messenger, the MP for Burnett from 2004 to 2012, said the UAP and its federal leader Professor Clive Palmer were what his community and Australia needed in a time of crisis.

"Professor Palmer is a world recognised community leader with integrity who knows how to count, balance a budget and create wealth and jobs,” he said.

"Right now that's what my community and the nation as a whole desperately needs - someone with integrity and expertise who can lead us out of this economic crisis and create community wealth and jobs - particularly in the country and regional centres.

"The UAP was first formed in the 1930's in response to an economic crisis. History is now repeating itself.”

Professor Palmer has relaunched the UAP with plans to field candidates in all House of Representative seats and a Senate team in each state and territory at the September poll. The leading businessman will stand as a candidate for the UAP in the Sunshine Coast seat of Fairfax.

Mr Messenger said Professor Palmer had insisted that if he’s elected as federal MP for Hinkler his top priority should be Hinkler constituents in the Fraser Coast, Hervey Bay and Bundaberg region.

"If I'm privileged enough to win the seat of Hinkler then my first loyalty will always be to the community who put me in parliament, not a political party,” he said.

"In practical terms it means that I will have, with Clive’s blessing, the freedom to cross the floor and vote against the party, if it’s clear this is what my community wants.

"This doesn't happen in the major political parties now.”

Mr Messenger said he was also impressed that Professor Palmer will not be dictated to by political lobbyists and faction bosses.

"He's not rigid in his decision making and he's prepared to genuinely listen to people and hear their views, arguments and policy ideas,” he said.

"If you've got a good enough argument and the facts support it, you can change Clive Palmer’s mind.

"This is his greatest asset, but when you think about it - you don't get to be a self-made person and achieve as highly as Clive without an ability to recognise a good idea and having flexibility in your decision making.”

Mr Messenger said the UAP’s policies on issues such as abolishing the carbon tax, banning political party officials from becoming professional government lobbyists and on processing asylum seekers were "brilliant”.

The former RAAF serviceman said it was also pleasing that Professor Palmer believed the nation needed to come up with a better deal for Australia’s military, and the returned services members and their families.

Mr Messenger announced his candidacy in Hervey Bay alongside Roger Dwyer, who runs a retreat for Vietnam Veterans and young diggers at Camp Gregory near Woodgate.

"Roger wants federal government assistance for these camping retreats and this is something I am passionate about supporting,” he said.

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