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  A change of government, without Abbott as Prime Minister - is possible with PUP

A change of government, without Abbott as Prime Minister - is possible with PUP

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A change of government,  without Abbott as Prime Minister - is possible with PUP

"There won’t be a coalition minority government lead by Tony Abbot”, Tony Abbot 4.8.13


Palmer United Candidate for Hinkler Rob Messenger, has reminded Australians, Mr Abbott’s promise that he would never lead a minority Government, now raises the possibility that Australia could vote to change government - and not have Mr Abbott as PM.


"The close political contest (also caused by Mr Abbott’s less than inspirational leadership) could cause the Liberal party room to vote and form a minority government with PUP after the 7th of September - and have as its leader, Malcolm Turnbull.


Tony Abbott may not form a minority government, but I’m sure that Mr Turnbull would be more reasonable. Like all PUP candidates, I’m going to fight as hard as I can to put the Palmer United Party in a position where, Clive is PM – but if we just miss out this time, then Clive could still be Deputy PM, in a new conservative minority government.


The difference between a PUP conservative minority government, compared to a Tony Abbott led Liberal Government - will be that PUP will ensure that:


ü  The Carbon Tax will immediately be abolished and all electricity users (pensioners/businesses/workers) will be credited more than a year’s worth of carbon tax payments.


Note – the average QLD household will receive approximately $250 credit and the average Hinkler Cane Farmer will receive a $4,000 credit on water pumping costs. The average Butcher will receive 3,600 credit on last years electricity bill.


ü  At least 25% of the total wealth created in country and regional areas will be quarantined and returned to the bush.


Note – PUP will create nation-wide a system similar to WA’s Royalties for the Regions - where local governments are able to access a fund, which has now collected billions of dollars exclusively for regional infrastructure.


A vote for the Palmer United Party is a vote for a team which will put the people of Australia first, (with special emphasis on the those living in the country) and has the know how to create more jobs and prosperity.” said Mr Messenger.


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