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  Patel – Live Autopsies and Forgotten voices.

Patel – Live Autopsies and Forgotten voices.

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Patel – Live Autopsies and Forgotten voices.

This short film features Bundaberg Nurse whistleblower Christine Cameron - who made disclosures which caused the labor government to built a $6m upgrade to the Bundaberg Hospital's department of emergency- and describes a bizarre encounter with Jayent Patel where he wheels a patient away, with another doctor (!!) , to conduct a live autopsy.

Patel – Live Autopsies and Forgotten voices.

Patel's forgotten, former co-workers, patients and their relatives speak out about a "live autopsy'", their harrowing experiences and a QLD Government doing every thing it can to let their former employee off the hook.


Why has QLD's crown prosecutors in court treated Patel as a properly registered medical professional? Why do they continue to focus on Patel's clinical skills, rather than his clinical qualifications, after a Royal Commission found he wasn't a properly registered doctor?


Could it be for the same reason that Patel was protected by the system for 2 years, despite all the complaints - Money and to save political embarrassment and adverse scrutiny of political supporters in the powerful medical system?


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