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  Premier, Prime Minister please fund Hard Yakka

Premier, Prime Minister please fund Hard Yakka

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Premier,  Prime Minister please fund Hard Yakka

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A parliamentary E-petition calling on both the state and federal governments to immediately provide funding to Hervey Bay’s Hard Yakka Youth Boot Camp has been launched in Hervey Bay today by Candidate for Hinkler and former state parliamentarian Rob Messenger.


Mr. Messenger was supported by Hard Yakka founder and ex-Australian special services member Bob Davis, as well a Hervey Bay mum who wants her son to be placed on the successful early intervention youth program.


"During the last election campaign Mr. Newman promised QLD that youth Boot camps would be established. Most Fraser Coast and Burnett people thought that would mean our Hard Yakka course would be funded.


Given that our community wasn’t included in the boot camp trials, which are happening in Cairns and on the Gold Coast, there’s good reason to feel let down.


In Hard Yakka we have one of the best early intervention youth programs in Australia. Why has Mr. Newman ignored Bob Davis’s good work and also Ted Sorenson’s passionate support for Hard Yakka?” said Mr. Messenger.


"Please help. I know and understand you must have a 1000 of these types of emails

and I understand there are kids with bigger problems but I don't know how

to help him when he doesn't want to help himself.”, the Hervey Bay mum has written to Bob Davis in a desperate attempt to secure her son a place on a Hard Yakka course.


" I’m looking forward to meeting members of Mr. Newman’s cabinet this weekend and asking them to reconsider their position on Hervey Bay’s Hard Yakka youth program. It’s become obvious that the need for an early intervention youth program is great in our community.” said Mr. Davis.


Mr. Messenger, Mr. Davis and the Hervey Bay mum have called on all Fraser Coast and Wide Bay residents to show their support for Hard Yakka and sign the petition.


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