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  Messenger launches Youtube attack on LNP and Labor Vet affairs policy cover up.

Messenger launches Youtube attack on LNP and Labor Vet affairs policy cover up.

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Messenger launches Youtube attack on LNP and Labor Vet affairs policy cover up.

                          Harry Smith  
              Australian Commander 
                Battle of Long Tan
              Vietnam 18 AUG 1966

Harry Smith and Rob Messenger - Palmer United Candidate, Hinkler

Harry and I discuss Palmer United Vet Affairs Policy, which he supports.


Messenger launches Youtube attack on LNP and Labor Vet affairs policy cover up.


Palmer United Candidate for Hinkler Rob Messenger has posted on line - a Youtube video clip - which exposes the LNP and Labor cover up regarding their Veteran Affairs policies.


"Unfortunately both the LNP and Labor candidates for Hinkler have followed the examples of their federal leaders – and neither have the good grace or courage to admit publicly - that both their political parties for 20 years denied 54,000 Australian Veterans fair indexation of their pensions.


Every one of our 54,000 Australian Veterans knows that over the last 20 years both Labor and the LNP promised to fairly index the military pensions – and every Aussie Veteran knows that when both Labor and the LNP had their opportunity in government to keep their promise – both betrayed our Vets and chose not to fairly increase their incomes.


If the LNP and Labor Hinkler Candidates can’t be honest with our diggers before the election, and given both their party’s shameful history of broken promises on this matter, why should our diggers trust them after the election?


This means that to fix the problem and deliver a just out come to our Vets, the next government must both fairly index Military pensions and pay back the monies which the federal government owes to the former members of our Defence Forces.


This means that $100M must be set aside for fair indexation of pensions and up to $540M must be found to back pay our retired troops, who are clearly owed between $4000 to $10,000 each. I now remind both the Labor and LNP candidates who have just discovered ANAC day again that its time now to – live up to the ANZAC Legend not off it – and adopt PUP’s new $640M Veteran Affairs policy.


They have been designed in conjunction with one of Australia’s most respected military compensation experts and Barrister Greg Isolani and PUP Tasmanian Senate Candidate / former soldier Jacqui Lambie - to provide practical solutions to a broad range of well-known Veteran Affairs problems and injustices.


By addressing these serious issues, PUP aims to deliver a fairer and more just approach to Veterans Affairs. PUP also believes that by addressing the political, government and bureaucratic dysfunction and incompetence in Veterans Affairs, it will help lead to a decrease in the instances of self-harm and suicide for former members of the Australian Defence Forces.” said Mr Messenger.



Contact – Rob Messenger 0407904134


Summary of PUP Vet Affairs Policy


PUP Veteran Affairs Policy Initiatives

(for detail see



·      Fair indexation of Military Pensions / Superannuation and Backpay


·      Gold Card benefits expanded to Peace Keepers who served between 1988 to 2004 (MCRS)


·      Gold Card benefits automatically delivered to Veterans’ spouses after the death of their partners.


·      Vet Affairs Minister solely responsible for Vet. Affairs (No other ministerial portfolios)


·      Military and Public Service Compensation and Rehabilitation Legislative Standards Equalized 


·      All Injury Claims to be lodged and actioned prior to discharge.


·      Delays for Vet. Injury Claims Cut


·      Incapacity Payment Rates to remain at 100%


·      Fair compensation for injury by abolishing "Off Setting”


·      Tertiary Education Rehabilitation guaranteed to all former injured ADF members - regardless of rank.


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