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Have you ever wanted to use the internet to sell your idea, issue or product to the world?

If you would like a quality short film, documentary or training video produced for your business or personal issue, then I'd be very happy to help. You will be surprised just how easy and affordable it is to produce and post a professional film, documentary or commercial on the world wide web. 

If you'd like to see the latest example of my work and community advocacy click on these links and visit these YouTube sites.

Channel 9 ACA report kicked off by short film


ACA ran a report on Tuesday 12th March 13 which examined claims of corruption and/or dysfunction in QLD's CMC by the decorated police hero Darren Hall (pictured above & below) 

The ACA story was shot many months ago, before Xmas. And also before the extraordinary claims of CMC corruption and/or dysfunction were aired in QLD Parliament on the 7.3.13. For about 4 months we thought that ACA had been "got at " and the story killed off, because it was too embarrassing for the CMC and the Newman Government.

We're grateful that at least one national media organisation has decided to air the story. 

ABC TV refused to touch Darren's story despite being provided with all the documents and facts last year. You'll have to ask them why they chose to ignore this matter. In our national broadcaster these days, compared with the Fitzgerald Inquirey "Moonlight State" era, there's not exactly the same editorial courage, integrity or will to expose corruption in QLD. As a former staff member of the ABC I'm disgusted by the behaviour of many of the senior journalists/presenters and also ABC board members.

The ACA report was shot after they watched the following short youtube film. This story, in combination with a long list of CMC bungles and highly questionable decisions, has the potential to force a Royal Commission into QLD's crime and misconduct watch dogs - CMC and PCMC - with broad terms of reference.

QLD's Premier Newman cannot keep up his extraordinary public attacks on the integrity and ability of the CMC with out offering to remedy the problem by establishing a Royal Commission with a wide scope of reference in to political corruption. 

The CMC's and PCMC's failed roles in detecting corruption and crime in a number of matters, not just the release of Fitzgerald documents should be the subject of a Royal Commission.

Mr Newman's proposed inquiry with narrow terms of reference is a joke, considering he's described the CMC parliamentary oversight body (PCMC) as a "Lap Dog" rather than a "Watch Dog." If the Premier of QLD is going to use strong language like that, he better back it up with strong action, not the half hearted response he and his Attorney General are suggesting.

Otherwise people will rightly ask, what have you and your LNP party got to cover up Premier?

Crime watchdog denies natural justice to police hero.

After more than 3 years a decorated police hero Darren Hall, still fights to clear his name. QLD's Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) tabled a report (Dangerous Liaisons June 2009) in QLD parliament which suggested that Darren and 24 other police officers were corrupt. 

Darren says that 2 of those police officers named in the CMC report have committed suicide and that the tabling of the report in QLD parliament under privilege, played a part in their deaths.

Darren says that the CMC never interviewed him before writing and tabling their damaging report, consequently denying him Natural Justice. To date (10.3.13) the CMC refuse to speak with Darren. It has been 6 months since the CMC Chair received the latest in a long line of letters from Darren asking for an explanation, but they still refuse to offer any explanation.

The CMC took the words of a convicted murderer and criminal and destroyed the distinguished career of a QLD police officer who, while his daughter watched, took down an armed robber on his day off.

Newman Hard Yakka Back Flip

The threat of losing the federal seat of Hinkler to an independent country conservative has helped bring on a Campbell Newman back flip over Youth Boot Camps on the Fraser Coast. 


In order to try and cover up the real reason for his change of mind about boot camps, Newman has now been forced to announce an extra two youth boot camps in Townsville and Rockhampton today

Council De-Amalgamation vote in Noosa, but not in the Isis



The people of Noosa were promised a vote on council de-amalgamation and that vote was delivered.  Why can’t the people of Childers and Woodgate have the same vote as well? They were promised the same LNP deal before the state election. Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman's LNP has been caught out lying again.

           Chern'ee Sutton - Australian Indigenous Artist


At 16 years of age Chern'ee is one of Australia's most talented and successful  Indigenous Artists. Her paintings sell for many thousands of dollars. My wife Fern organised an exhibition for Chern'ee at QLD's Parliament house. The reaction was overwhelming. Chern'ee now has two paintings hung in the Parliamentary precinct.

Chern'ee latest commission has been for the international aid group Caritas Australia. They will put on permanent display in their Sydney HQ two of Chern'ee's works of art. Through art Chern'ee wants to keep alive her beloved Kaldadoon's language and stories. She has just been awarded a 2013 Australia Day young achievers award. Meet an extra ordinary young Australian who wants to unite our great nation. 





          Long Tan Battle Remembered @ Camp Gregory


This 15 minute short film uncovers 2 untold stories from the famous Battle of Long Tan. This story documents the events of 18th of August 2012 at Camp Gregory's first official ceremony. Members of the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club rallied to support their mate Roger Dwyer, and remember fallen comrades on Australia's Vietnam Veterans' day. 

                  Emergency Services Cadet Closure 


QLD Premier Campbell Newman and his Police and Communities Minister Jack Dempsey have disgracefully stopped funding for the Emergency Services cadet scheme. The Bundaberg Cadets and their parents have contacted me and in this short 5 minute film the kids put pressure on the government to overturn this silly decision.

Bring back QLD's Emergency Services Cadets! 

 Above is the link to an official Parliamentary Petition calling on the LNP Government to continue funding for the Emergency Services Cadet program. Please click on the link and sign it electronically. Please ask all your friends to watch the video and sign the petition. It will increase the chances of forcing the QLD government into refunding one of QLD's most successful youth programs.

Pete O'Brien - Country Music singer and performer

Bundaberg singer / song writer Pete O' Brien has just released his debut country album Strange Daze produced by Dan Drilling famous Nashville producer.

Peter talks about his hit written after the first Bundaberg floods, "We all live in the same town" and his latest hits from Strange Daze. Pete is available for all gigs and shows either as a solo artist or full production band



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