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Live Autopsy and Forgotten 



Patel's forgotten, former co-workers, patients and 

their relatives speak out about a "live autopsy'", their 

harrowing experiences and a QLD Government doing 

every thing it can to let their former employee 

off the hook.


Why has QLD's crown prosecutors in court treated

Patel as a properly registered medical professional? 

Why do they continue to focus on Patel's 

clinical skills, rather than his clinical qualifications, 

after a Royal Commission found he wasn't a properly 

registered doctor?


Dr Death, Toni Hoffman & Me 

Jayent Patel   Toni Hoffman &

                    Rob Messenger

Rob's historic interview with nurse 

whistleblower Toni Hoffman in 

March 2005.

The secret interview and Rob's speech 

in Parliament eventually caused a 

Royal Commission and led to many

criminal charges being laid against

Jayent Patel.

Read & hear more 


Operation ANZAC Cheer 2013

This year my wife, Fern and I launched

Operation ANZAC Cheer 2013, a special project 

which sent 115 care packages to our troops 

serving in dangerous locations overseas.  

Many Bundaberg and Hervey people 

have suffered catastrophic loss and fatigue after our

recent fight with mother-nature, however our community 

rallied to the cause.

Our troops still continue the grand ANZAC 

tradition. We caught a glimpse of their 

courage and bravery up close when 

they helped with the recent flood rescues 

and recovery.

I'd like to thank  Gin Gin Country Reality 

and Hervey Bay's Mary Nield’s Creation 

Café who kindly helped collect parcels 

for our troops. Fern Messenger has been 

the driving force behind this 

important project.

Hard Yakka-Youth Boot Camp

Channel 7 featured Hard Yakka Youth Boot camp 

on Today Tonight.


Bob Davis is ex-SAS. He's served in the Australian 

Army and knows what discipline and respect are.

Bob has developed a youth booth camp for young

males who are in need of some tough love. 

Until recent times neither the Labor or LNP QLD

governments would offer funding for Bob's course

which is proven to work. 

However after the launch of a parliamentary petition 

its appears that will now change. Mr Newman's

Attorney General has promised Hard Yakka funding.

Given Mr Newman's record on keeping promises

we'll watch the situation closely.

Bob's had wonderful support from the 

Hervey Bay Community. Under the Hard Yakka 

heading is an article by the team at the independent 

Globe news paper. Thank you Tony Bonner

and crew.

Chern'ee Sutton-Artist


At 16 years of age Chern'ee is one of Australia's

most talented and successful  Indigenous Artists. 

Her paintings sell for many thousands of dollars. 

My wife Fern organised an exhibition for Chern'ee

at QLD's Parliament house. 

The reaction was overwhelming. Chern'ee now 

has two paintings hung in the Parliamentary precinct.

One of Australia's most exclusive and internationally

renown art dealers , Aboriginal Art Galleries has just

signed Chern'ee to an exclusive artist agreement.

Her paintings will only be sold in 3 shops in

Sydney, including one at the Rocks and another in

the Queen Victoria Building. Chern'ee's art will

also  be taken to Hong Kong next month and 


Suffering in Silence

     Featuring nurse whistleblower 
           Christine Cameron

This is the health documentary Labor,
the LNP and Medical Board of Australia 
don't want you to see. 

It warned 2 years ago in 2011, about 
QLD Health's systemic dysfunction and 
corruption. QLD's Health 
Minister Mr Springborg pretends 
he's only just learnt about the patient
harm and official cover up.

This film was sent to him and all
LNP members 2years ago.


AIDS/HIV threat from PNG

AIDS and HIV infections have risen
again in Australia. Diseases associated
AIDs and HIV or co-morbidities like incurable 
TB are also increasing.

The people of the Torres Strait warned
me in 2008 of HIV/AIDS entering into QLD &
Australia via PNG. AIDS rates in PNG have 
been likened to those in Africa

There are 50,000 to 100,000
unmonitored cultural movements from PNG 
to TSI each year. 

This is the report on the HIV/ AIDS threat 
from PNG that I sent to every politician in 
QLD,including our now Australian 
Governor General Quentin Bryce.





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Judicial findings and tributes regarding Rob Messenger

Retired Supreme Court Judge, Hon Geoffrey Davies AO, Commissioner

QLD Public Hospitals Commission of Inquiry - 30 November 2005:

"1.3 The second was Mr Rob Messenger MP. Had he not raised Ms Hoffman’s complaints in Parliament it may be that there would never have been a public inquiry into them. I mention his contribution further in Chapter Three at paragraphs 3.370 to 3.373 and 3.432.

3.432 I would also pay tribute to Mr Messenger, the Member for Burnett. He provided a voice for staff concerns when no others seemed to exist and, although it has not been the subject of this report, he was forced, in the course of so doing, to endure animosity from a number of quarters.

Note - The following is a PDF copy of the final QLD Public Hospitals Commission of Inquiry. The QLD Gov. no longer have a link to a copy on their websites.


                                 Click above to download

Welcome to a new and exciting path in 2013

Thank you for choosing to visit my website. I hope that it provides the information or help you are searching for. Listen to an interview with Steve Austin - one of Australia's leading Radio presenters which describes the special community advocacy and whistle-blowing work I've been involved with for the last 12 months. I describe my work with and support for - Jo Barber, Health whistleblower - Darren Hall, decorated police hero - and Clinton VanDenBerg, Office of Public Trustee victim.

Major Achievements as a State Politician 

For 8 years as a state parliamentarian, I was privileged to lead a team that was made up of the best Electoral Officers in Australia. Bronie Stewart and Mel Bradford were simply magnificent people to work with and serve the people of the Burnett. We achieved a lot, endured much, laughed often  and cried some times - because of the great sadness we encountered in the course of our work. 

The best days were when we managed to organise those live saving or life enhancing operations for those poor souls who were forced onto long public health waiting lists.Below is a link to a short summary of some of the electorate work we carried out.

    Palmer United Party

  Bringing People Together


The Palmer United Party, from the 1st of July 2014 will hold the balance of political power in Australia. All the self proclaimed political experts got it wrong.

I'm proud to have joined the political team lead by Clive Palmer. It was an honour to stand as a candidate for the Queensland seat of Hinkler at the 2013 September federal election. We just missed out on winning Hinkler, by only a few percent of the primary vote. 

Why the Palmer United Party?

Australia - particularly regional and country communities - face a dangerous social and economic crisis. Neither Labor or the Liberal's Mr Abbot have the solutions, leadership ability or political courage to solve that crisis.

Clive Palmer is the person that Australia and our community needs to lead us to prosperity. Clive's a world recognised community and business leader, with integrity who knows how to count, balance a budget - and create wealth and jobs.

The Palmer United Party was modelled on the United Australia Party which was first formed in the 1930's in response to an economic, social and political leadership crisis and provided 3 Prime Ministers Joseph Lyons, Robert Menzies, Arthur Fadden. In light of world and local events, history is now repeating itself.

Our  policies on issues such as - Returning the Wealth to Regional Australia - Abolishing the Carbon Tax - Banning professional government lobbyists from becoming Political Party Officials and - On Processing Asylum Seekers and immediately flying back immigration queue jumpers - are brilliant.

Veteran Affairs - A Better Deal

Clive believes our nation needs to come up with a better deal for Australia’s military, all returned services members, Veterans and their families. 

In mid September 2013 I met with Party founder Clive Palmer and Senators Elect for QLD, Tasmania and West Australia – Glenn Lazarus, Jacqui Lambi and Dio Wang (not pictured) – to put in place a plan to present to Federal Parliament - a Private Member’s Bill which delivers to Australian Veterans the full range of benefits, initiatives and legislative reforms described in the Palmer United Party policy. 


Full indexation of Veterans’ Pensions without gaps, back-pay for all 207,000 recipients identified by the Defense Welfare Association, as well as major reform of DVA legislation, will be some of the first items of parliamentary business that  Clive, Glen, Dio and Jacqui will undertake.

Sadly, the public record shows over the years - that our former military members and Veterans have been promised and then denied - a fair and just deal by Labor, Liberal and National Party politicians. And now for the first time ever, Australian Veterans, both old and young, have finally been listened to – and have a loud – serious voice in Canberra.

I'm very excited to be part of the team which will deliver a better deal for all our Veterans.


Latest Veteran Affairs News - Peace Keepers Conference Tas.


Senator Elect. Jacqui Lambie and President of the Defence Welfare Association David Jamison enjoy the hospitality of the Aust. Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Veterans' Association (APPVA) on the 26.10.13 in Hobart, Tasmania.

On behalf of Clive and PUP, Jacqui and I attended the Australian Peacekeepers & Peacemakers Veterans' Association and conference in Tasmania on Saturday 26th October.Our thanks go to Michael Romalis, President of the Tasmanian branch, Allan Thomas, the National President and Kevin Ryan the national Secretary of APPVA - just to name a few of the outstanding former Defence Force members and their families who made us very welcome.

Jacqui delivered, in one of the most powerful, bravest and heartfelt speeches - the Palmer United Plan and Policies for Veteran Affairs. A Plan - if agreed to by all political parties - which will remedy most injustices in Australian Vet Affairs and deliver a significantly better deal for all Veterans, Ex service members and their families.

Note - Click on the 3 Icons below to view Jacqui's speech:

Jacqui Lambie's address and Vet. Affairs policy statement to APPVA

 Part 1 of 3                    Part 2 of 3                    Part 3 of 3


Contact Details and more Information?

If you want to make personal contact and seek help or more information, don’t hesitate to send me an Email:

                  Rob's Featured Films

Battle for Camp Gregory

Vietnam Vet Roger Dwyer was made a criminal by a Labor Government. Roger's "crime" was that he repaired a small section of river bank with some crushed rock. He wanted to make it easier for disabled Vets to access a camping and fishing retreat on the Gregory river in QLD. Roger faced a $300,000 maximum fine. The Australian Labor prime minister Julia Gillard and the QLD Labor Premier Bligh refused to help Roger.

Murderous Medico still working, thanks Premier Newman

The LNP government coverup of an alleged serial killer doctor is revealed. The evidence, which strongly suggests that a serial killer doctor has been working in QLD for more than 5 years, is detailed in this report. 

Premier Campbell Newman, his government, the CMC and QLD police have had possession of this compelling evidence for months and have failed to stop this doctor from working. Watch the 7.5 minute film and you be the judge.

Would you like this doctor to treat your family and friends? Why is Premier Newman and his government protecting this person?


        Police "white-wash" of a QLD murder investigation?


A son and daughter speak out about their mother's death at the hands of an alleged "psychopathic doctor" and a QLD police murder investigation they say is a "white-wash". They are supported by a former Police CIB officer and QLD medical board investigator, Jo Barber who blows the whistle on official corruption in QLD's health system.

Jo Barber is the most important health whistleblower ever to come forward. She tells of intractable and endemic, dysfunction, corruption, cover up and criminal activity in QLD’s very sick health system. 

Jo and I believe that all of QLDs independent health watch dogs, including the QLD Medical Board and the CMC need to be independently investigated. I invite you to support our call for a Royal Commission into QLD Health and the CMC. 

                         Office of Public Trustee, "Rip Off!!"

                           Charges, Fees and Investment Performance called into question.

A disabled Bundaberg man reveals how the QLD Office of Public Trustee has charged him $77,500 in "management fees" only to loose $95,000 in poor investments. Clinton Vandenberg questions whether its fair to charge him up to $4,400 each year to manage his remaining life savings of $15,000. The OPT have under their control over a $1Billion of assets belonging to over 10,000 QLDers, many of whom are living with mental disabilities. How do we know that those people aren't being ripped off?


                  Victims of the 2013 floods speak out

Flood mitigation for Bundaberg

Floods and Tornado's hit Bundaberg, QLD Australia in Jan.2013. Five months later many nth Bundaberg victims are not yet back in their homes. They speak out, tell their stories and ask important questions of our politicians.


Have we learnt the lessons of the flooding? Have we done all that is reasonable to protect our children from future disasters? This film features Chris Hardy, a community activist who wants to ensure that north Bundaberg isn't forgotten and a plan for proper flood mitigation is put in place.

Some people refused to evacuate and escape from flood waters because they weren't allowed to take their dogs. Graham Rushton and wife Sharon rode out the flood in a neighbour's boat with their puppy Aggie. (pictured).

Charity for everyone, except QLD's Flood Victims

Ashley Abell, Bundaberg small business owner, challenges Prime minister Gillard and Premier Newman to come back to our disaster affected city for more than just a photo opportunity. This time Ms Gillard and Mr Newman must bring their cheque books. Ashley wants to know why Australian disaster victims are bing denied financial assistance, while the government sends at least $4.3 billion overseas in foreign aid each year.

Small Business Flood Assistance Financial Crisis

Newman Government officials told Bundaberg small business owner, Ashley Abell he did not qualify for financial assistance after the floods. They told him to sack his 11 staff (some of whom are disabled) and tell them to join the dole cue. If more compassion and flexibility isn't shown to Fraser and Burnett Coast businesses by the government, then hundreds of they will go bankrupt, putting thousands of workers on welfare.

Natural Disaster funding and plan for Businesses

Bhvana Shukla spoke to me about the damage her small business faced after the floods and tornado's hit Bundaberg and the Fraser Coast in late Jan 2013. Bhvana speaks out about the recovery plan she'd like the government to put in place.


Jayent Patel - A Fraudulently and Negligently Registered Doctor?

Today (15.10.13) a jury failed to come to a decision on criminal charges laid against Jayent Patel and he walked free. My thoughts are with approximately 1500 people at the Bundaberg Base hospital who were treated by a person who - according to a $6M Royal Commission -  was allegedly a fraudulently registered  doctor. 

Former Patel patients have contacted me, expressing disappointment in the latest outcome and also the performance of the QLD prosecution team. The legal history of Jayent Patel is littered with unprecedented and spectacular errors on behalf of the QLD government - and the state's legal agents. Their performance hopefully, will be the subject of much public debate and review, once Patel legal matters are no longer before the courts.

From the beginning a disturbing and reoccurring pattern of legal incompetence has been on public display and seemingly has gone unnoticed. This was pointed out to me by former QLD Health Minister and now convicted criminal Gordon Nuttal while I visited him in Jail. Prisoner Nuttall reminded me that the legal errors started in the first Royal Commission which was shut down after a much talked about legal mistake was acknowledged by our Supreme Court.

At the beginning of this year Justice George Fryberg for the 2nd time, slammed the QLD Crown prosecutor’s submission in Patel’s first re-trial saying that their grammar was "atrocious, and some paragraphs were "incomprehensible".

These damming comments came hot on the heals of anther public blast from the same Supreme Court Justice on the 19.12.12, who said that the QLD Crown’s case against Patel was "incomplete and embarrassing".

They also came after Patel’s original criminal convictions were overturned in August last year (2012 ) by the high court which found the QLD Crown  prosecution had "radically changed on day 43 of the trial in a way that rendered irrelevant much of the evidence that had been admitted.”

On the 11.1.13 I wrote, "How is it that the legal team whose submissions have been described by a senior Judge as "atrocious, incomprehensible, incomplete and embarrassing”, is still allowed to represent the people of QLD on such an important matter?"

Retired supreme court Judge and Royal commissioner Geoffrey Davies of the QLD Health Royal Commission in 2005 wrote that (Pg2 - 1.8): 

"The Medical Board negligently failed to properly check Dr Patel’s paper credentials and to make any assessment of whether he had the qualifications and experience for practising surgery in Bundaberg. 

The fact that a retired Supreme court Justice raised such serious questions regarding Patel's clinical qualifications should have caused any competent crown prosecutor to ask this important question before settling on any legal course of action:

Was it legal for Patel to treat any of his 1500 patients - and if not - was it criminal assault for 1500 cases?

On page 301 Judge Davis wrote in the QLD Health Royal Commission that the definition of Assault under s245 of the QLD Criminal Code is:

Definition of Assault

(1) A person who strikes, touches, or moves or otherwise applies force of any kind to, the person of another, either directly or indirectly, without the other person’s consent, or with the other person’s consent if a consent is obtained by fraud, or who by any bodily act or gesture attempts or threatens to apply force of any kind to the person of another without the other person’s consent, under such circumstances that the person making the attempt or threat has actually or apparently a present ability to effect the person’s purpose, is said to assault that other person, and the act is called assault.

(2) In this section –

‘applies force’ includes the case of applying heat, light, electrical force, gas, odour, or any other substance or thing whatever if applied in such degree as to cause injury or personal discomfort. 

Why hasn't the Crown Prosecutor ever laid assault charges under s245 of QLD Criminal code against Jayent Patel? Fraud allegations regrading Patel's medical registration were extensively canvassed in QLD's Health Royal Commission.

The Attorney General has failed to answer this question - no Australian media has ever seen fit to put this question to the government and demand an answer.

Strangely when the Crown had the opportunity to question Patel about his clinical credentials, allegations of fraud and Over Seas work history - and unbelievably they failed to pursue these issues when Patel took the stand !

A simple question like - "Mr Patel do you think that your patients would have given you permission to operate on them or treat them if they had known about the serious questions regarding your clinical qualifications and work history in America?" - would have produced an interesting reply, given the damning findings of the QLD Health Royal Commission.

Clearly a significant body of sworn evidence and senior legal opinion raises the possibility that all 1500 of Patel's Patient consents - may have been obtained by fraud which opens the legal path for 1500 assault charges.

By focusing on Mr Patel’s clinical skills and not his clinical qualifications - the QLD Crown has adopted a legal strategy which minimises adverse scrutiny of the former QLD Medical Board members, QLD Health bureaucrats and politicians - who allegedly negligently allowed Patel to be hired as an employee of QLD Health and placed in a senior unsupervised position at the Bundaberg Hospital.

The sworn evidence from the 2005 Health Royal Commission is substantial. A retired high court judge Geoff Davies alleged that former QLD government employee Jayent Patel, was negligently employed in March 2003 by the QLD Government - and allowed to treat  approximately 1500 patients at Bundaberg hospital for 2 years, without "successful awarding of clinical privileges”.


This alleged failure by the QLD government, is contrary to it’s own 2002 policy and guidelines: Credentials and Clinical Privileges: guidelines for medical practitioners, which stated and emphasized:


"- clinical privileges should be defined before a doctor commenced any admissions or treatment within a hospital and overseas candidates for positions be informed that any appointment was subject to the successful awarding of privileges-”


Its also contrary to the 2004, Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care, National Standard for credentialing and defining the scope of clinical practice for doctors working within health services, which officially acknowledged that all:

"Health Care Service Providers (including QLD Health) had a Legal responsibility to provide safe, quality services.”

QLD’s Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie must now explain why his Crown Law legal officers chose a "back to front” legal strategy (i.e. manslaughter and assault charges - before fraud charges), which has ensured that the QLD government’s failures to meet:

·       Its own important state Health policy guidelines,

·       A vital National Health Care standard and

·       Its official legal responsibility to approximately 1500 Bundaberg patients for 2 years,

- have been ignored in legal argument and covered up during Patel’s trials and re-trials.

The A.G. also must give a guarantee, that the reason why a "back to front” legal strategy was adopted for Jayent Patel, wasn’t to avoid a damming situation, where the QLD Government - in order to prove Patel’s guilt regarding assault and fraud - had to also prove it’s own guilt with regard to criminal negligence - and a grave breach of a legal responsibility to about 1500 Bundaberg / Burnett people between 2003 -05.

If Patel were found guilty of assault under s245 and fraud under those criminal circumstances - the QLD Government would be liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation from ensuing civil claims.

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  Patel Jury asked wrong question.

Patel Jury asked wrong question.
Oct 16 at 7:51am  |  Uncategorized

It’s no wonder that the Jury in the latest Patel trial failed to reach a decision.


The QLD Crown prosecution continued its well-documented incompetent behavior and asked the Jury the wrong question.


Instead of asking whether the surgery on Mr. Vowles by Mr. Patel was unnecessary - the Crown should have asked whether the surgery was legal?

  Messenger launches Youtube attack on LNP and Labor Vet affairs policy cover up.

Messenger launches Youtube attack on LNP and Labor Vet affairs policy cover up.
Aug 08 at 6:28am  |  Uncategorized

"Unfortunately both the LNP and Labor candidates for Hinkler have followed the examples of their federal leaders – and neither have the good grace or courage to admit publicly - that both their political parties for 20 years denied 54, 000 Australian Veterans fair indexation of their pensions.


Every one of our 54, 000 Australian Veterans knows that over the last 20 years both Labor and the LNP promised to fairly index the military pensions – and every Aussie Veteran knows that when both Labor and the LNP had their opportunity in government to keep their promise – both betrayed our Vets and chose not to fairly increase their incomes.



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